Legal Fees

Fees are established in different ways, depending on the nature and complexity of the matter.

Flat fees: these fees represent a fixed amount, and no hourly rate is applicable. Contingency fees may be included in addition to such fees.

It should however be noted that the ethics rules of the Bar Association prohibit pure contingency fees, i.e. fees based solely on the outcome.

With this limit, it is recognized that additional fees, based on the outcome of a case, can be agreed.

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Hourly rates: such a rate varies depending on the complexity and importance of the matter.

It also takes into account the client’s profile.

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The determination of the legal fees is, rightfully, an important question in the relationship a client establishes with his attorney.

Our law firm strives to address such an issue upfront and in a transparent fashion, in order to allow clients to have clarity on the way the fees are calculated.

In general terms, the nature and amount of fees vary depending on the size, the complexity and the implication of the case in question.

Our firm is available to answer any of your questions in that regard.